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Career Development Package

Dana Alsawari
Manon de Velde Harsenhorst
Martine Yavuz


Our team consists of three students participating in the course Rebuilding Education as part of the Master Honours College. In this course students examine an element within the academic education of the University of Groningen (RUG) that can be improved. We focused on the preparation of students for the labour market, particularly in terms of the lack of connections with alumni and that students are unaware of the opportunities currently offered by the university. Using twenty-five student responses to our survey and eight in-depth semi-structured interviews with students, Career Services staff, policy advisors, and Alumni Relations & Fundraising staff, an in-depth analysis of the issue was developed, along with a solution package. The solutions proposed here are two-fold: an alumni career development workshop will offer students aid in determining and succeeding in their future careers, whereas the visibility of opportunities provided by the Career Services and the Alumni Relations & Fundraising office will be promoted through adjustments to the career newsletter and the university website. Implementing these solutions will allow RUG to provide students with tools to better prepare for the labour market, reducing their stress about the future and increasing their career prospects.

Analysis, Redesign and Justification

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