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Fostering Learner-Centered EducationHow to spark curiosity and empower university students?


What motivates you? This chapter explores and explicates the motivation of
students in university settings. More specifically, this chapter uses a casestudy approach to examine this in relation to the course “Communication and Media Law” offered by the University of Groningen. The main purpose of this chapter is to provide evidence-based ideas for educators to enhance student motivation. Thereby, it provides useful examples for teachers on how self-determination theory – one of the most widely accepted motivation theories – can be put into practice. This theory states that human beings have an inherent need for a sense of competence, autonomy and relatedness. If these three attributes are fulfilled, intrinsic motivation can arise. Bearing these attributes in mind, we developed innovative and hopefully inspiring, yet concrete means of engaging with students. In turn, these means will empower them to take responsibility for their own development. This chapter provides a backdrop to themes of student motivation as well as concrete examples of how to enhance competence, autonomy and relatedness. We are optimistic that reading this chapter will enhance your understanding of motivation and will be useful for teachers of various courses.

Analysis, Redesign and Justification

Please find the downloadable pdf for Fostering Learner-Centered Education here.