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Intercultural understanding in the classroomCitizenship Education, what? Getting rid of prejudice in the classroom

Anna Verhaar
Hosoo Kim
Marlene Troestl
Tess Chin


The recent rise of globalization has been blurring national boundaries and increasing social mobility. Ideas and identities have already started to be formed in a global context. However, the current education system in secondary schools still tends to restrict themselves within national borders. It does not adapt to this rapid social change and does not tackle topics that are related to the dynamics of contemporary culture; identity, social media, multiculturalism, soft-skills etc. We believe that the school should be considered as a small society itself, and this approach has helped us come up with a redesign of lesson plans that can bring intercultural understanding in the classroom (also known as citizenship education). It is divided into 4 different topics: the reflection on ‘me’, stereotypes, (social) media criticism, and globalization. Each topic is proposed with interactive activities that aim to interest and relate the students into citizenship education. Moreover, the lesson plans are made easily accessible so that it can be practiced by different schools and teachers depending on their circumstances. We are convinced that the redesign will be able to encourage both the students and the teachers to dive into the dynamics of culture and identity inside the classroom.



Click on the following link for the Intercultural Understanding in the Classroom redesign.


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