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International Students in Academia

Caesar de Keijzer
Johanna Kaszti
Christoffer Minnet
Lela Bidar


For our redesign, we have created a video that encompasses our experiences as both international and Dutch students here at the VU. We were all very passionate about this topic since we have all experienced this divide between the Dutch and non-Dutch speaking students in a classroom setting. The purpose of our video is to show teachers a student’s perspective of this visible divide, a grass roots solution that can be implemented from the top down. After the final symposium we have eagerly incorporated the feedback we got from the expert jury. Because our intention with the video is to spread it amongst teachers, we do need to give a brief explanation of the theoretical framework, however; we have decided to shorten the theoretical framework and instead focus more heavily on the redesign part of our project. We decided to make our redesign, our implementation more concrete and therefore we decided to root it in the Literature and Society programme that is offered here at the VU. Overall, we hope that our final product can be integrated into upcoming teaching seminars to give teachers a student perspective of the issue at hand.