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Law & LoveAn alternative approach to Law & Order

Agnes Czech
Jael Fechler
Julius E. O. Fintelmann


Law & Love is a proposed honours course with a highly relevant topic to today’s society: how can the criminal justice process be reformed in a way that focuses on rehabilitation and reintegration of offenders instead of punishment. Created through research and exchange with stakeholders, the course will start with a theoretical introduction to the situation as is – how do various disciplines such as philosophy, history, neurology, and law influence the criminal justice system in the past and today? After establishing some ground, the course will focus on the future: Through study trips and guest lectures from renowned lecturers, the question of what a criminal justice process of the future could look like will be answered. The course aims to make its students feel the need for changing the approach to criminal justice by not only showing them the theory and on-hand experiences but also by directly engaging them in developing the foregoing ideas.


Please click here to access the course outline.