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LOEF x Rebuilding EducationA self-sustaining and engaging way to keep the LOEF atmosphere alive.

Charlotte Garve
Puck Smits
Oisín McGinley
Charlotte Majewski
Amber Rehman


Our redesign was brought to life because we were all interested in helping to shape a new sexual education program that normalises conversations about themes such as sexuality, consent, gender, pleasure and relationships. We wanted to eliminate the stigma and taboo associated with these concepts, because they’re important for young people to understand.

We came up with small, achievable and pragmatic solutions. We sat down with numerous stakeholders such as the founders of LOEF and Sanderijn van der Doef, who is an expert in the field.
They advised us to include the teachers and students as we cannot come up with a concept to improve sexual education, without including these groups.

The end result is a poster, for the students to engage with during LOEF’s sessions and observe when their eyes wander around the classroom, and a pamflet for the teachers with additional information. On these products there are also QR-codes linked to separate Milkshakes, one for the teachers and one for the students. In these Milkshakes we have gathered resources such as movies and series to delve deeper into earlier mentioned topics.

By having created the mikshakes, the posters and pamflets we hope to help LOEF sustain their atmosphere even after they’ve left the classroom.



Please click here to access the pamphlet and here to access the poster.



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