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Personalizing secondary education “Today’s students creating the education of the tomorrow“

 Aron Zuskov
Tommy Kluck
Geert Jensema


The redesign has been created because all of us encountered flaws in secondary education. Mostly because of the fact that our secondary education did not help us find our passion or because it was not challenging enough. The solution that was found to solve these issues was personalisation of education. The redesign was created by doing research and interviews with stakeholders, it has been justified by the neuro- and psychological perspective, the economic perspective and the teachers perspective. The end result is a roadmap to help non personalized secondary education transition to personalized secondary education. A total transformation to the utopian version of personalized education could be done in 5 only years.

Analysis, Redesign and Roadmap

Please click here to access our analysis, redesign and roadmap.