Project Overview: Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

Rebuilding Education – RUG

Rebuilding Education in the RUG is a course aimed at critically reflecting on one’s own learning experiences in university. For a good reflection, we believe students should have the right knowledge, and that is why we start with a masterclass. In the masterclass, students are presented with different educational theories (from neurosciences, pedagogical sciences, psychology and economics), and with those theories in mind, are asked to think about their own best and worst learning experiences. Students who choose to do the Leadership Lab in Rebuilding Education following the masterclass will actually start rebuilding. They think of an element in university that they would like to improve, and by approaching stakeholders, finding the right literature and thinking creatively, they come up with new ideas that spark innovation in the university.


For more information, check the course descriptions on the UoG website, or contact Femke Cnossen or Bertram Loth.

Course description Semester I

Course description Semester Ib and IIa