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The World Of AI Around YouHonours Course



Dear reader,  

In this document you find our mvp’s for the course Rebuilding Education. In this course we  have created a new Honours Course. The new course will be about the basics of algorithms  and Artificial Intelligence. Since a lot in our lives is driven by algorithms and AI we think it is important for students nowadays to know more about things that have a great impact on our  lives. Therefore we designed this course. The course is created based on things we have  learned during the Rebuilding Education Course.  

This document consists of three parts.  

The first part will be the course outline of the Honours Course, which can be given to the  students who will follow the course. In this outline the learning goals, structure of the course,  assessments and many more things can be found.  

The second part consists of material for Aniel to prepare his lectures. He can find ideas for  topics here and also some sources are included, as well as interactive in-class activities.  

The third part is mainly for our teachers of the Rebuilding Education Course. It contains the  justification of the choices we made in the course design.  

Have fun reading this!  

Martina, Rudy and Anne-Louise  

Course Outline, Course Material and Justification

Please click to here access the course outline, course material and justification.